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OMEGA MDS was founded to address several problems facing small to mid-sized foundries.

Foundries are laden with quality constraints, lengthy lead times, complicated workflows, pattern acquisition, storage, cataloguing and repair, and skilled labor shortages. In addition, commercial 3D sand printers are too slow and costly to achieve maximum benefit.

Our goal is to bring 3D sand printers with guaranteed performance to metal casting foundries worldwide.

Benefits at a Glance

Discover the benefits of OMEGA MDS 3D sand print systems.

Rapid Production

Our patent pending system produces molds and cores for prototype and production castings.


Get set-up and go with minimal installation requirements. Our modular assembly can replace your current molding system.

Save on Storage

With our one-and-done sand molds, gone are the days where molds and patterns are stored, freeing up precious warehouse space.


Any sand leftover from the printing process gets reused for future molds.

Complex Geometries

Produce parts with complex shapes, both internally and externally.

Material Capability

Create complex molds and cores from: sand, chromite, ceramic beads, zircon, and olivine sand.

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Thorold ON, Canada

Toll-free: 1-855-637-6371

Monday to Friday, 9AM–5PM EST

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